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More than 15 Pics Of People Blend Themselves In With Vinyl

Since retro is the new hot nowadays, vinyl records are starting their great comeback. So if you are a vinyl junkie or your parents have a big collection of the greatest '80s hits, this could be your next great opportunity. People across the Internet unleash their creativity by paying homage to vinyl covers and bringing it to life in a new context. Following the trend, people are obscuring or augmenting their body parts with vinyl sleeves, causing an entertaining optical illusion captured on photos before digital collages were cool.

16 Pictures Showing What a Friend Zone of the 99th Level Is Like

The word ’friend zone’ became a part of our life as quick as the words ’selfie’ and ’showroom.’ However, unlike the latter 2 words, ’friend zone’ is always pronounced with a pinch of sarcasm and compassion. Moreover, many people are personally familiar with the new term.

How the “Twilight Saga” Actors Have Changed Over 9 Years

It really doesn't seem that long since every girl in the world waited anxiously for the next Twilight movie to come out. But, in fact, that was almost a decade ago.

10+ What the Actors From the Iconic ’90s Show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Look...

Today, very few people can recall at least one thing about the story of the fighting vampire students. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that Buffy is among the most important shows of its time. The characters were the role models for many teenagers in the ’90s. This is why it’s really interesting to see what the actors look like today.

10+ This Page Collects Photos Of ‘Animals With Threatening Auras’

Every (living) thing radiates a certain vibe. Even toilets. And the Facebook page Animals With Powerful Auras is an excellent example of how captivating some can be. From an elephant barging into a kitchen straight through the wall to an eagle destroying a drone mid-air, the guys and gals that appear on this fun little online project were certainly made to rule so let's obey and scroll through their pics, honoring their boss nature.

20+ Laugh-Worthy Construction Fails – What happend?- Part 1

DIY installations by customers are a particular "treat" for craftsmen. But what you definitely learn to appreciate is the ingenuity of some people.

21 Photos Showing Situations That Couldn’t Be “Crazier”

"Safety is your friend, accident is your enemy" - but is the password at, certainly not of the workers below. Despite the risk factors such as operating system factors, adverse environmental conditions and psychological fragility, they always try to do well in their own style.