20 Pics That Steels Are Used In Buildings.


Steel is a major ingredient in today’s construction industry. However, how much mass they use is unlikely to be seen visually. We compile pictures of using steel to reinforce concrete in today’s construction so you have a visualization of how much steel is used in construction. Let us discover that you will be surprised by these images. In addition, they also have an artistic nature in it, so majestic and eye-catching.

#1. Crowded

#2. Great Job

#3. Too much steel

#4. Water pumping Station Naaldwijk holland

#5. Inclined beam

#6. Great Job

#7. a few years ago on the A15 Rotterdam a wall of 40 meters fell over.

#8. It is reinforced Reinforced concrete

#9. We are interested in cooperation with you

#10. Who is going to use steps with that need that much rebar?? King Kong

#11. Amsterdam, nice guys

#12. I would love to join that team

#13. Prefab floor

#14. The things we do

#15. The minimum spacing of reinforcement is not OK.

#16. Really nice

#17. Nice work guys

#18. Amazing steel, all steel!

#19. Too much Steel!

#20. I hope this gets seen. I am from Asia trying to share everything civil so if y’all could like this comment so more people could notice it. That would mean the world to me. I hope y’all are having a great day. Love.

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