20 Moments People Realized They Were Dating Or Married To An Idiot


From little everyday crimes (such as eating cheese like an animal) to bigger offenses (like hitting on your partner's married niece), here are a million ways to frustrate and disappoint your partner. By the way, I feel like we also need to include a disclaimer. This publication doesn't mean that all men are garbage and every woman is a saint. I'd say it's more of a study to see what common relationship problems women go through.


My Husband Is Technologically Challenged


I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday. I Fell Asleep While He Was Packing And He Stole My Toilet


100% Will Rip Open A Bag Like A Damn Raccoon And Then Notice It’s Resealable


This Is Where The Plate Goes After Dinner. Not In The Dishwasher. Not On The Counter. Not Even In The Sink. It Should Be Perfectly Balanced On The Sink, Just Like This


My Husband Bought Memory Foam For “His Side Of The Bed”


Asked My Husband To Do A Maternity Photoshoot. Don’t The Dogs Look Great?


I Was Complaining To My Boyfriend That We Never Cuddle Anymore And This Was His Solution


Sent My Husband To Buy A Baby Shower Gift Bag


My Husband Doesn’t Want The Case To Get Scratched And Cause An “Eyesore”


My Aunt’s Skeevy Boyfriend Went From Asking What My Husband And I Want For Christmas To This Garbage In 2 Minutes



My Boyfriend Puts The Butter Away Like This In The Fridge Door. Fully Exposed And Touching The Fridge I Haven’t Washed In Months


Instead Of Cleaning Up The Sugar He Spilled, My Boyfriend Decides This Is Perfectly Reasonable Instead


I Asked My Husband To Stop At The Store And Get Coriander


Texted My Husband To Show Him My Brilliant Idea For Making Sure I Drank My Full 1 Liter Of Water Before My Ultrasound


My Boyfriend Doesn’t Throw Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls. Instead, The Top Of The Toilet Becomes His Garbage Display Area