20 Helpful Design Guidelines That You Should Record In Your Notebook


You are a professional designer, amateur or an investor also need these suggestions. We have gathered suggestions in the design for designers, investors for reference and review. These suggestions do not necessarily have to follow that you use to suit the culture of where you are, especially the reality where you live. Hope it will be useful for you.

#1. The image said neck pain, but my heart said “your hair still wet but you’re sleepy already?”#2. 4 bedroom layout type based on function and size.By @mehrazvira

#3. Suggestions for designing the layout of paintings on the walls and sofa#4. The optimal design layout is suggested for your reference#5. The suggested sizes in the tub design you should write down or remember.#6. You can consult or have another opinion if the reality gives you experience that is appropriate for your culture.#7. Truely

#8. Different types of openings according to the environmental condition.
Use of shading devices to intake the sunlight in winter season or to intake more shade in the summer season.#9. Kitchen Triangle design – An imaginary triangle which is created and connected with Sink-Stove-Refrigerator ⁣

#10. Simple and you need remember them.

#11. Design of the most common social bathrooms in different countries. References of middle class family needs.⁣⁣?By @marismerk

#12. Suitable height of kitchen table = your height ÷ 2 + 5cm

#13. Lighting basics

By @archi_promotion

#14. Design basics

By @archi_promotion

#15. Perspective Architectural drawing tip. For shorter person or children their head will not touch to Horizon.

#16. Interior standards

#17. How to style petite & small rugsBy @mehrazvira

#18. Generally, your coffee table height should be between 16 and 18 inches, 40 & 45 cm.By @mehrazvira

#19. Looking for bed sizes? Beds come in many sizes, from the small single Twin to the massive King, you should choose your bed based on your needs and what you like and prefer. This guide offers common sizes as there no legal standard mattress dimension.By @mehrazvira

#20. The creative floor rendering

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