20+ Examples You Can Learn Something


You probably already know these in college lecture halls. But you may have forgotten a little bit of that knowledge. Let’s update this little knowledge with us. If something is not right, you can comment to us.



#3.  Strategy to use in hot climate. Use of plantation and overhangs with stack ventilation will keep interior temperature cool.

#4. Great second one is better ????

#5. The improved version of the layout of the kitchen. Optimum and minimum sizes (in mm).

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#6. Two master bedroom options. Which layout do you find more functional and why?

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#7. To Do or Not to Bedroom furniture

#8. Optimal dimensions of parking spaces in the underground parking (in m).

#9. 9 drawing alternative design of 36 Square meters apartment. How many solutions could you get for one Plan? What did you think of these solutions?

#10. Interior design and material combination.

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#11. Optimum and minimal dimensions for the kitchen.

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#12. The Standard Height for Electrical Wall Switches.

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#13. Sustainable architecture elements for designing.

#14. A new typology of roof Wonderful Project

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#15. Redirecting Light
Redirecting light is the use of building elements to bounce sunlight into more desirable locations in the building. Light shelves and baffles are two strategies that can distribute light more evenly.

#16. Floor space in required at fixtures and appliances in the U-shaped kitchen.

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#17.  How Do Double-Skin Façades Work? Double-skin façades are composed of two layers, usually glass, in which air flows through the intermediate cavity.

#18. House opening designs for lighting your house with indirect sunlight.

#19. Standard dimensions useful for livingroom, dining & dressing room.

#20. 6 spatial typologies in architecture design.

#21. Compact Cabin section plan.

#22. Solar chimney or (building patio) design for passive ventilation.

#23. Natural daylight diagram.

#24. Mosque passive design using natural lighting by reflecting sunlight and cooling air through the pool.
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#25. Circular house design


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