15+ Funny Stair Pics That You Say “OMG! Why do that?”


Designing is an imperative step in the construction of a building. However, controlling the design to ensure that there are no major mistakes of the designer, which makes it difficult to correct the mistakes when executing the construction site. If it can be fixed, it is also very costly and time consuming to complete the project. Some cannot be fixed. We have gathered a few photos of that moment, hopefully you will draw your own experience no matter where you work in construction.

#1. Spiral staircase! What is your thoughts about these kind of staircase?

#2. How?

#3. Stair case reinforcement details. What’s your opinion about this reinforcement?

#4. Unbilieve

#5. Stair case details under construction

#6. What do you think about this stair case ?

#7. Stairs building idea , what do u think about it?

#8. It takes a lot of skill and artistry to screw something up this much.

#9. Mind blowing

10. 3D stair waterfall sticker

#11. Cool Staircase

#12. Amazing, You can’t use?

#13. Stair case details

#14. Some unique staircase




#15. When your girlfriend is your neighbor

#16. Why these stairs look like this ? Is it ok ?

#17. What do you think about this type of stair

#18. Concrete stair design

#19. Duplex stairs

#20. When you bunk your class?

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