15 Creative Design Ideas That Are Awaken On Your Imagination


We have a collection of design ideas to help you update your imagination. You will be surprised the first time you see them!

#1. Head to @spaceandspaces to see more like this astonishing spiraling stairs from Boston House#1.2 Full shine!#1.3 This is absolutely amazing design!?? Designed by @stevenharrisarchitects / (? by Scott Frances)

#2. What makes curvatures so attractive? Share your thoughts in the comments! Bulle dorée concept interior Design by @hugo.fournier .

#3. “The Rainbow Tree”, A Modular Mass Timber Condominium Tower Proposal by @vincentcallebautarchitectures, in Cebu City of #Philippines / 2019

In fact, during the growth of trees through natural photosynthesis, the stored carbon is found “trapped” in solid wood and is therefore not released into the atmosphere. For 1 ton of wood produced, about 0.9 tonnes of carbon is confined. This means we are talking about a building with a negative carbon footprint!#3.2 Text description provided by architect. The architecture of the Philippines is both a dynamic combination of multiple influences and a reflection of the country’s historical and cultural heritage. This heritage is based on a mixture of Austronesian, Chinese, Malaysian, American (Art Deco), and Spanish (Baroque) influences.#3.3 Cascading Greenery??#3.4 The Rainbow Tree is a staggered geometric stack of 1,200 modules, each with sides measuring 4 meters sides and a height varying between 3.2 to 4.8 meters. All these mass timber modules are prefabricated and standardized in a factory with a very high degree of precision. They are directly inspired by the “Bahay Kubo” (literally, cubic houses, also known as “Nipa Huts”).#3.5 Being built from trees cut and harvested in short circuits in the archipelago in the heart of eco-responsible forests – where a cut tree is equal to a replanted tree – means that the Rainbow Tree is a real carbon sequestration well.#3.6 Greenwashing. Architecture must keep a spirit of rationality and therefore remain coherent. Putting a shapeless mass with palm trees on a balcony is inconsistent.Post by: @hamithz & @pa.next

#4. How do you decorate your staircase? Share your thoughts in the comments! The “Moiré Ascent” is a staircase inspired from the harmonic streams and ethereal movements for ethical office functionality. #4.2  Great for people who don’t need handrails#4.3 Visually appealing, but as a few others have mentioned, this would not pass inspection in the real world?. But I bet the designer could figure out how to make this conform to code.Designed by Sophia Michopoulou (@sofaki19426)

#5. “Together Apart” installation by @behinhadesign in #Billund#Denmark / 2020. Installed at a community building in Billund, the project was commissioned for the 2020 Trekanfest in the Triangle Region of Denmark. Along with its companion project, Together Apart Middelfart, the project is a sequel to Behin Ha’s 2019 installation, Coshocton Ray Trace, in Coshocton, Ohio.#5.2 The project’s design was influenced by Behin Ha’s reflections on the nature of social gathering during the 2020 pandemic. Pondering the conflict between the human desire to come together on the one hand, and the epidemiological need to maintain separation on the other, the installation attempts to capture the tension between gathering together and remaining apart by creating multiple interconnected but individuated and isolated spaces.#5.3 Creative Ideas#5.4 Top View! Amazing!Architect: @behinhadesign Photos by @ardjongsma

#6. “Tagh Behesht”, a commercial complex proposal by @rvad.studio for the city of #Mashhad in #Iran / 2020. One of the interesting components of this project is the suspended courtyards in between the office areas which provide a green space for all floors and business units as well as sufficient and direct light for office spaces.#6.2 The main concern in designing such green spaces was to ensure proper distance between current business units so as to allow for a beautiful and open landscape; a design concern which has never been considered in any of the Iran’s current office building designs. The general typology and shape of this void is such that it is in continuation of the main layered garden without providing direct public access.#6.3 Beautiful#6.4 One of the reasons that parametric architecture is not an architectural attitude, is this building. These arches do not belong to iranian architecture. This is a terrible mistake. Please be careful. Parametric design can be acceptable as a technique or process. At the end, architects must decide anyway.Lead Architects: @hananehmisaghi , @hassandehghanpour Design Studio : @rvad.studio
Design team: @paris.khosravi

#7. Brick Facade by @behetbondziolinarchitekten

#7.2  Land Mark by @of.studio_

#8. Copenhill by @big_builds

#9. Waterfall Temple by @anti__reality

#10. Staircase photo by @peter.rajkai

#11. Illuminated Cities by @inwardsound

#12. Hyperlane by @aspectstudios

#13. Loop of Wisdom by @powerhousecompany

#14. Panda Pavilions by @eid_arch

#15. Ummara Resort by @rojkindarquitectos

#16. Bringing you a mini tour of a mini bar! We love when function and design are brought together cohesively, and with empty space below the stairway these clients opted to do just that. Take a step down from the hallway into the sunken bar below and you’ll find everything you need for a night of entertaining – a mini refrigerator, shelves to showcase your martini glasses, countertop space for mixing up those cocktails, cabinet storage, and below those stairs on the left you’ll find one more mini storage room to maximize the available space here.

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