15 Animals Who Make the World a Brighter Place


Besides being our best friends and helping us lead happier and fuller lives, animals can assist people and each other in a myriad of other ways. Sometimes their actions can be so unexpected and touching that we cannot help but wonder why. Some who have investigated animal altruism came to believe that our furry and feathered friends don’t always do things in their own interests. They can prove to be capable of real empathy, just like us human beings.

We at  were touched by the great lengths this kindness can go to and decided to share with you 15 cases where animals proved to be caring souls.

1. A goose visiting her injured friend

According to the touching story posted by The New England Wildlife Centers, this wild goose came to visit her injured friend who was being taken care of. She started tapping on the door and only calmed down after she made sure that her friend was going to be alright.

2. “Dina volunteers at our local library as a reading dog for kids with difficulties.”

3. “We get by with a little help from our friends.”

4. “My brother’s puppy protecting her sister at the vet.”

5. This dog who is helping her human save lives

“Ruca goes on every call with me to bring back boaters who’ve had some bad luck. She’s been farther offshore than most people and in worse weather. People usually feel less stressed when they’re 60+ miles offshore and a dog pops out the cabin.” — profileforadog/reddit

6. “Flash is an emotional support animal at a nursing home.”

7. “Galaxy is a therapy dog at the Denver Children’s Hospital.”

8. “Watson helps comfort children at the zoo.”

9. “My dad fixing my car with a little helper.”

10. “Keeping warm in the cold weather.”

11. A dog who adopted a racoon

“This mama dog, whose puppies had recently been weaned, saved this raccoon’s life by nursing and caring for him.” — Unbiased_Insanity/reddit

12. “My big boy helping his baby chew on a stick. He snuck it in the house, then held it for her.”

13. This cat became this bunny’s best friend after the bunny lost his brother.

14. “Droggo (dog) helped me raise Alex (pony) after his mother rejected him.”

15. “Arthur (orange cat) is great at helping the foster kittens feel comfortable.”

Has your pet ever helped you or another animal? What did they do? Share your stories with us in the comment section below!

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