10 Pictures That Prove Skilled Carpenters At Another Level


Our collection of furniture products is made by highly skilled carpenters. You will be convinced to see them and be able to suggest you a furniture change idea in your home.

#1. This colour is something else. The contrast with oak and the limestone tiles is perfect. More photos coming soon with the fully finished job.
#1.2 Lovely work?#1.3 Well nice mate, great work ?#1.4 Been wanting to use inchyra blue for a while now. This has just made it even more so. ??#1.5 Stunning ?Designed by @studio10kitchens; Made by Edwin Loxley Handles and nobs by @perrinandrowe Paint @farrowandball inchyra blue

#2. This dresser is something else. The oak and the asalt @littlegreenepaintcompany paint look incredible together. The contrast is perfect and the antique brass really stands out on the darkness of the door.#2.2#2.3#2.4#2.5
This furniture is designed @studio10kitchens and is made by Edwin Loxley and they really don’t muck about when it comes to details

#3. Finally after a year and a half from digging the footing the porch at home is finished. As tradespeople our homes are always the last to get done. Just as well the wife’s a chilled out person.
Everything except the brackets and coat hooks are whats been left over from jobs over the year amazing what you can do out of scraps.
The oak has been lime washed and then finished with a clear wax and it looks the nuts.

#4. Would you just LOOK at how beautifully this Roman Groin vault is coming along?

#5. I love this. Did they expose and paint the ducts black too? #6. You’re the best ever!! We love it so much ? thanks again!!#6.2#6.3#6.4#7. Great Project#7.2#7.3#7.4#8. This is amazing Jerry! Wicked job#8.2

#9. Another suite build#9.2#10. Living room with slatted panel 390cm wide by 280cm height. Made in Mdf woody Oak Hanover and bright white lacquer, with bronze mirror doors, contains hot led tape, and sideboard furniture with panel dividing the living room and dining room with a warmth covered in bronze mirror of the sideboard and in the main wall of the dining room.#10.2#10.3#10.4#10.5#10.6#10.7

#11. ime to turn these panels into a pile of bricks!

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