The Images Capture Interesting Moments In Construction Activities You Didn’t Know Yet.


We collect various moments captured by well-deserved builders. Interesting moments are shared and opinionated by many people to discuss these photos. We would like to introduce to readers interesting pictures, with the hope that the audience will have a new perspective on the hard work of construction. You can explore now!

#1. Which type of foundation?  A very expensive Ones!

It is a piled raft foundation which should support very non-uniform loading. The structure has probably a tubular core which need piles.

#2. Combined footing

Cover block is brick!.. need to use cover block same strength as the footing concrete strength.

#3. Somebody must be very lonely and wants to talk with the wall 🙄

When you wanted to be an artist but parents insist you to be an Engineer 😅

#4. Staircase Design…

No of stairs in a single flight of stair case must not exceed more than 9😬

#5. What is Your Comment for this Case??!

Cover between bars and formwork is more than normal situation

Formwork early removal or segregation issue

Shear reinforcement not correct; Because of reducing water and bad mixing…

#6. Connection Beam vs Column

Beautiful 👏👏

Concrete cover is not proper– bottom left side

#7. Dangerous Walkway Construction on a Mountain in China

#7.1 I know people died building this. People die building sky scrapers and dams and they are safer workspaces

#7.2 Wow 😮 😯😯








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