Make Your Home Beautiful with Unique Wall Decor


Decorating your home can be time-consuming and expensive. One way to avoid spending a ton of money and time on interior design is to get unique wall decor. Wall decor can instantly add character to any room and make the space much more exciting.

Enjoy decorating your walls, be creative, and have fun.

#1. Pretty Rustic tree for those perfect family pictures❤.

#2. An innovative clock, making the wall array more lively#3. Decorate the shelves on the wall so that the furniture at first glance looks like a wooden staircase#4. Theme – grey, creme, brown

#5. Wash those boring bathrooms down the drain! This is your year to add a little pizazz to one of the most-used rooms in your home! @macleodhomes_ used our Inked Florals for a touch of elegance above her wainscoting, Proof that you don’t need a lot to make a big impact!

#6. Creative ideas

#7. Talk about a makeover!! @kaitlinshaver transformed her dark bathroom into a light airy space featuring our Sago Palms in gold.


#9. Nope, it’s not wallpaper! It’s our Inked Leaves decal pack, expertly placed for a clean aesthetic.

#10. Simple and modern

#11. Beautiful!❤️

#12. Lovely place at home, that brick in connection with the wood, och gorgeous

#13. Lovely but how can I get

#14. And this is the end result💓 I love it!

#15. With “B” symbol#16. Good morning ☀️ I’m day dreaming of vacation today. Definitely booking something for next year! Where should we go??

#17. Add paneling to the whole wall

#18. Cirle Ideas

#19. I live for a good before & after! Things are moving slower because of covid, some days it gets me down…But then there are moments like this and I just feel like dancing 🕺🏾

#20. Simple “music note”

#21. A dream came true when my favorite photographer,

#22. Wood circle wall

#23. Home architecture is empathy in the place and the people who are going to live there. Conversion and extension to Holiday home. Dyngby Strand, Architect: Nordpil Arkitkekter, Photographer: Peter Kragballe

#24. Last places to register for the PALLET Course for BEGINNERS !!

#25. The World Maps

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