20 Photos Prove Who Are Still Children


Being an adult is wonderful. That is what we want when we are children. We collect 20 photos below prove that is not the case. What about you? Are the people next to you as funny as them?

#1. They play with the tubes like a child

#2. She made a mistake in making it easy for him to draw, because he didn’t look at her to draw but … look at the person behind her.

#3. “My boyfriend knocked over his orange juice, and the waitress brought him this.”

#4. “Hot” and “very hot” are different!

#5. It’s just eating ketchup, but you don’t have to.

#6. You punish your pet dog in this way and it is asking for your blessings.

#7. When things go bad … the coffee machine ends up losing your coffee.

#9. He was driving a car when suddenly a superman on a motorbike chased and asked you to stop to check.

#10. He must be very similar … already

#11. There was a need to troll her that way

#12. A new kind of ninja

#13. “What are you looking at?”

#14. He was trying

#15. A rich cat

#16. It’s just a mistake

#16. DO vs DO

#17. When he doesn’t want anyone to recognize him, he can disguise himself like this while working. Is it necessary to do so to scare someone?

#18. His dog kept him asleep.

#19. When two people are not playing together, there is always space.

#19. When his classmates are addicted to Spider-Man movies and friends are … wearing a spider web shirt.

#20. It’s just a geoblock game.

#21. They are still in love. So they can review the children’s games