20+ Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas That Make Your Highlight Kitchen


Kitchen storage could be a problem if you don’t have enough drawers and open shelves in your kitchen cabinet. There are a lot of things in our kitchen, and never enough space for organizing it.

We have gathered 20 innovative kitchen cabinet ideas to make your kitchen space more compartmentalize and be an important highlight in your home space.

#1. This impeccable dark grey shaker style kitchen brings a classic concept bang up to date. The hand-painted finish echoes the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into every inch of the design and build. Typical shaker style open shelving is given a contemporary twist with discreet lighting to showcase gleaming copperware.

#2. Traditional kitchen cabinet with pantry built into it

#3. The walk in pantry at the Sevenoaks, Kent project is concealed behind a door finished in H|M Top Hat with spice racks to maximise food storage.#4. Beautiful! ❤

#5. Nice!!!

#6. Looking “under the hood” of a Studio Dearborn kitchen😂 Well I’ve never designed a car before, but apparently @porsche wanted a quote the other day about relating car design to what I do…Kitchen design is probably even more like auto engineering than most interior design since it’s so “function” focused. In the kitchen, you gotta have a heat source, a fridge, a sink…but it’s how you layer function and aesthetics around those essentials that calls for constant innovation from the designer…Not to mention the performance of those functional elements. I look hard at the specs on the appliances I use, and beyond the appliances, try to deliver kick ass performance out of all these cabinets—so they do what you need them to do. And then some. And then layer beautiful materials and textures on top of that. And then fall over exhausted into bed every night😴 Boy it’s a tough job!😀

#7. Full useful kitchen

#8. I do sometimes get questions about storing oils next to the range. My smart-ass response is this—The overwhelming consensus among physicists these days is that heat rises—which is why we feel comfortable storing oils adjacent to a well designed, well insulated range. I remember my old range used to get so hot you would burn yourself if you touched any part of the range when the oven was on…ah the good old days…but seriously I love having my oils in a pullout, I literally am thankful every time I open this pullout.#8.2#8.3

#9. Three Floor Levels#10. So I was asked by a follower to list 3 or four of my must have kitchen storage solutions. It was really hard to choose, but since this homeowner will not be a client, I wanted to show things that any quality millwork shop could do. So here are my favorites in no particular order! Missing here is my tea drawer which may get its own post tomorrow because I’m on a tea drinking binge since #10.2 Nices#10.2@macchiaphoto and @timlenzphoto

#11. For big family!

#12. If you were stranded on a deserted island (and you had electricity, and a kitchen…😂) what’s the one gadget you couldn’t live without? Some of our favorite cooks and kitchen designers have shared their picks with @thebubblygirl on the blog today. My choice might surprise you! Hint—it wouldn’t fit in this utensil drawer, but a few of our picks might!

#13. Simple ideas#14. Happy Easter! I don’t really have a thematic image to share so I’m going to focus on sundaystorage !We are piling through our dishes super fast around our house! In our merrytudorfullofgrace project we placed dish drawers opposite the dishwasher which is right about where the dog is in the second photo. Keeping dishes near the dishwasher saves steps in the kitchen and keeping them in a drawer makes them accessible to kids too! I try to put silverware above in a divided drawer so your whole table setting is right there. We matched the oak exteriors inside the drawers, stain and all, because who doesn’t want their cabinets pretty on the inside too??? In your dream kitchen are you planning for dishes up or down in a drawer? Yes my job encompasses all these fascinating questions!😝#14.2

#15. #16. One of those categories of kitchen storage “you can’t have too much of”—vertical storage. I divide it into four categories of kitchen “things”—cutting boards, baking sheets, broiler pans and large serving pieces. The four categories call for different locations in the kitchen and different configurations too. If you break the category down this way then I think where to locate each becomes a pretty simple exercise…just remember to include enough! I usually make the dividers movable just in case…how much would you need? 😀#16.2#16.3

#17.  Brilliant ideas

#18. Just remodeled our kitchen and put toe kick drawers in every possible space and they are a game changer for those of us with small kitchens#18.2#18.3#18.4

#19. Traditional Idea

#20. Love colour cabinet kitchen#20.2

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