15+Building Pics That There Fans Say “Why do it”


There are things you don’t think will ever happen. But what about the reality? If you don’t see this post then you will never believe it. We collect in-built error cases that cause viewers to ask a lot of questions why do this?

#1 You can say? or thinks of?

#2.  Great ideas and another lever skill works

#3. No Way to walk and waste!

#4. Failed Reinforcement the foundation column

#5 What do you think about road marking?

#6 I think everyone in the comments got it wrong, I mean what are the odds of paving a straight road through the desert and running into the only tree there


#8. What might be reason ??

#9. 😂👍 Tag someone

#10. 😂 Where do you want to go??

11. What might be reason??

12. What is your comment? 😱😂😂😂

13. Guess the structure

14. So small way! I would feel like the walls closing in on me

15. Tag a Engineer 😂

17. Your comment?

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