15+ Creative Craftsmans That are another lever



Wooden furniture is a style that many people love, even a passion for some people. Especially wooden furniture is made from natural wood. We have collected natural wood works made from the most skillful and creative craftsmen. They blew their soul into seemingly dry wooden boards to come alive.

1. Its a waste, you van build 2 more from that material

2. First thought?

3. What’s your favorite animal?

4. Describe with one word!

5. My feet are wet. But my pants are bone dry

6. It’s been a while since I stoped on a post to say holly shit that’s awesome but in this case “ HOLLY SHIT , THAT IS AWESOME!”

Yay or nay? By @thewrightedge

7. Describe with two words!

8.👎🏽To much going on. Some of the aspects by themselves are great.

Is this your style? By @oldworldtimber

9. Like it or love it?

10. That’s fairly inexpensive for a unit of this caliber





$15,000 liquor cabinet by @blackforestwoodco

11. Genius!!! Great spot for a home defense gun

#12. Lose the cat.

13. Nice woodwork but it’s uninviting and devoid of any real character or human warmth it’s like sitting in a mausoleum

Yay or nay? By @vtaller

14. What are you growing?

15. The shire!!! ✨

16. So wonderful

Name this wood! By @jayedwardwoodworking

What do you think about when viewing their works? Or let us know what you think?