15+ Building Pics That Makes Us Think


Strange and unique projects you will not believe can happen. There are also situations that can’t be laughed at for the person doing the project. We collect them for the audience to not repeat in the future or at least how to deal with it in the future.

1. Where is the craftsman credit? Don’t expect us to like without giving the respects to the person whose hard work went into this final product.

2. More wood than a bottle of viagra.😳

3. First thought?

4. Describe with three words!

5. When outside view is important 😂 ❤️I post interesting civil engineering and architecture videos and facts and information for Field work and design please 🙏🙏

#6. For the birds😁

7. You call this interesting?

8. Vertical setback missing

9. The reason for this column failure might be insufficient size of column

10. When you respect and know the importance of nature

11. it ‘s great!

12. Team work makes the dream work🔥👍🦾

13. Fun post What fo you think about this layout?🤣🤣🤣🤔

14. What would you do in this situation 🤣

15. When surveying is number one priority

16. Fun Post 🤣😍

What do you think of?