10 Interesting Visual Moments Of Buildings That Make You Think “Why They Done”?



You have studied construction industry, everyone wants you to participate in big projects. But it is a fact to have very few large projects so that engineers can participate. So come with us, we collect images to record memorable moments. Among the images circulated on social media, there are many opinions about them. Maybe explanation could be but compliment for the idea. But in general, they all have different perspectives on an issue. And you can learn from those comments from your point of view. See and claim for yourself something so that it is a lesson for yourself.

#1. Popularized in England, these wavy walls actually use less bricks than a straight wall because they can be made just one brick thin, while a straight wall – without buttresses – would easily topple over. These wavy walls are also known as: crinkle crankle walls, crinkum crankum walls, serpentine walls, or ribbon walls. The alternate convex and concave curves in the wall provide stability and help it to resist lateral forces.The county of Suffolk seems to be home to countless examples of these crinkle crankle walls.

#2Green screen house by video kumaki. What do you think of this approach?

#3. It is a Bridge or a tunnel? Comment your opinions with reasons. But Its Beautiful 👷‍♂️

#4. Comment your thoughts about this image. Some Comment “I think one type of water tank”; “Support arch for bridge 🌉”; “Suspension bridge strand leg”

#5. Waste tire for earth retaining structure. Great use of recycling

#6. Awesome structure , guess where it is! Comment tag share

#7. 1 Bridge built due to landslide. What do you think of this solution? Some guys comments for answers:

#7.2 “It’s probably just temporary until they deal with the problem of securing the ground”

#7.3 “Too much square”

#7.4 “A retaining wall could be a possible economical solution with permanent basis”

#8. Pylon construction on the Rio-antirrio bridge in Greece. You probably haven’t seen this picture yet. One of the great works if you can participate in the construction of it, it is a great honor in life. Below are some pictures of the project’s construction: